Getting to Grips With Women’s Health During Menopause

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The body changes very rapidly during menopause and it is important to look at women’s health during menopause. There are some who say that this is a dangerous time for the ladies and if they are not handled with care, they might end up with very serious problems. The woman becomes very vulnerable to health problems during menopause. The primary factor in women’s health during menopause is the loss of estrogen. This can lead to a variety of reactions depending on the individual and the circumstances in which they have been found. The mental health side of things might also be affected because estrogen has been found to be crucial to the mental health of the individual. The woman has to be treated with great care at this delicate stage of their life.

If a person does not have estrogen they become vulnerable to Alzheimer disease. This is because the estrogen helps in the work of the neurotransmitters that are so important to brain function in the majority of the population. It also controls the flow of blood to the brain. Once the post menopausal mental issues take a firm hold then they are very difficult to dislodge even with the best medical intervention. One might be advised to grin and bear it all. However the problem of women’s health during menopause will remain a problem. The mental health issues might irreversibly transform the personality of the individual involved and make them a very difficult person to live with.

As the level of estrogen begins to fall during menopause, the incidence of osteoporosis will increase significantly. During this time the women’s health during menopause will become something of serious importance. The bone disease can be quite painful and will gradually bring the person to a standstill even though they might have been very active in their youth. Although this condition is largely hereditary, the incidence of the condition is related to the menopause.

Heart disease is one of the concerns in women’s health during menopause. At this time of their lives, the women will become very vulnerable in terms of the heart and the diseases that affect it. The onset of menopause can also damage the arteries on a permanent basis. The urinary system is also not excluded in women’s health during menopause. Infection rates can start to increase and lead to serious discomfort. This is in addition to the shakes and hot flushes that become a fixture with the person going through menopause. The problems can extend to sleeping disorders and wrinkles. The stress levels in the people concerned will significantly rise.

The issue of women’s health during menopause has come to the fore front as we have started to fully appreciate the problems that people face at this point in their lives. We are also trying to work out a strategy for dealing with these problems without increasing the negative effects on the individual concerned. The government is thinking about women’s health during menopause.


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