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Not Addressing All the Learning Modalities by Which People Consume Information

September 25th, 2021

There are four basic types of learners in this world. In simple terms, these can be classified as readers, listeners, watchers, and doers. Some people classify readers as what they call “tactile” learners – these are the people who learn by touching i.e. books or home study courses.

Your listeners can also be called “auditory” learners – they learn primarily by listening to audio content. This can be in the form of CDs, teleseminars, or podcasts as possible examples.

Watchers are your “visual” learners. They are great prospects for delivery by DVD or webinars.

And the fourth group is your doers. They learn kinesthetically, which means they want to be involved in the process rather than just watching, listening, or reading about it.

But what does all this mean to you as an information marketer? It means that i you’re not offering your content in a variety of formats then you’re at best overlooking part of your potential audience and at worst alienating them.

We talked earlier in this course the importance of repurposing content. It can’t be emphasized enough how critical it is for you to repurpose. First, from the standpoint of lightening your workload – you don’t want to have to create from scratch every time. But secondly, and probably more important, is that it allows you to cover all the learning styles your customers use fairly easily.

Here’s a quick example. This course is offered with the written content you’re reading right now, as well as the audio recording, so you can listen if you’d prefer that to reading.

Each chapter is also being recorded as a quick and dirty two-minute video that’s being posted on YouTube and other video sites to drive traffic to our primary company website. The same video can also be used within a membership site as additional content.

Each chapter is also being turned into an article and submitted to the various article directories.

So we’re repurposing the content for both marketing and content delivery purposes, while at the same time we’re addressing the different learning modalities that exist in the marketplace.